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When your target audience is looking for a solution you can provide, they need to think about you first! Win a preferred position among your (potential) clients and make sure that you have already sold yourself before entering a sales conversation. We do business with people who stand out from the crowd. Professionals who consistently show and prove that they know what they're talking about. It's not surprising that leads resulting from personal branding activities convert up to 7 times more! Lotte will tell you how to attract more clients and opportunities through a powerful personal brand. Get yourself out there through the right channels and become top of mind.


How personal branding strengthens your current marketing and sales strategy

Which channels you can use to connect with your target audience and increase reach

The building blocks of a strong personal brand 

Why a personal brand is essential in business

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1. Personal branding
2. The power of visibility
3. Social selling
4. Networking
5. Free publicity & media attention 


How to become top of mind

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