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Lotte built a high quality following
base of sales people, entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals.

Sales improvement

As the founder of Topsales Amsterdam, Lotte helps B2B businesses and individuals improve their sales providing several services. 

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About Lotte

Lotte started her dynamic sales journey as a 17 year old cold caller. She progressed her way through university and the corporate world in London and Amsterdam. After gaining experience as a sales professional Lotte took the plunge and started her own business. Today, Lotte helps B2B businesses and individuals succeed in sales. She’s the founder of Topsales Amsterdam and sales keynote speaker. Lotte shares sales tips and her life as an entrepreneur on social media with a 10k audience.

What clients have to say


The students (approx. 150) were very enthusiastic and motivated after Lotte her sales talk. There is no doubt in my mind if you should ask Lotte as a speaker.

Charlotte Parrée

Tio University of Applied Sciences

Lotte provided our members a powerful masterclass, teaching them how to acquire new clients. Lotte has given them hand-on tools and manages to explain the subject of sales in an easily understandable manner, making it comprehensible for a wide audience.

Saskia van Wolferen

Owner Business Women Nederland

“Lotte is an energetic, professional, enthusiastic, hand-on and value adding speaker”

Amsterdam Marketing Event

“Lotte is an energetic and powerful winner and a real pleasure to work with.”

Nash Cohen

Owner, Student Hotels London