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Keynote speaking and Masterclasses

Lotte provides keynote speeches and masterclasses about sales related topics. Boost your conference, seminar, team offsite, business club or other business event. She is an energetic, professional, enthusiastic speaker who adds hands-on value to your event. She practices what she preaches and turns it into an engaging keynote speech!

Examples of topics are client acquisition (new business), client relationship management, sales mindset and how to sell yourself as an expert. This last topic will generate insight in how to position yourself as an expert in your industry, grow visibility, build a personal brand and of course increase sales. Because people rather buy from experts than salespeople or entrepreneurs!

Looking for a specific B2B sales topic or a talk that matches with the theme of your event or current sales challenges? Contact us to discuss the options for a customized talk or workshop!

The Voice of an Audience

Casestudy Amsterdam Marketing Event

Lotte was keynote speaker and moderator at the Amsterdam Marketing Event with participants such as Capgemini, Philips and GroupM. After the event a survey was sent out, asking about Lotte her performance.

Feedback from the audience

✓ Very positive person! I also think it is good to mention that a lot of speakers like that say “let’s make sure to connect on LinkedIn” and then never accept the invitation or respond, she was very open to networking during and after the event.

✓ I think she was very professional and enthusiastic, and she really added value to the event.

✓ She was a good host and speaker, very energetic.

✓ Awesome woman, really good energy.

✓ Good speaker!

“Lotte provided our members a powerful masterclass, teaching them how to acquire new clients. Lotte has given them hand-on tools and manages to explain the subject of sales in an easily understandable manner, making it comprehensible for a wide audience.”

Saskia van Wolferen

Owner Business Women Nederland

“The students (approx. 150) were very enthusiastic and motivated after Lotte her sales talk. There is no doubt in my mind if you should ask Lotte as a speaker.”

Charlotte Parrée

Tio University of Applied Sciences

Business influencing

Social media collaborations

Lotte built a high quality following base (10k+) of sales people, entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals. She’s open to social media collaborations with brands and companies sharing similar values, audiences and ambitions.

Collaboration with ‘The Sales Planner’

Collaboration with Misura

Topsales Amsterdam

Sales improvement

As the founder of Topsales Amsterdam, Lotte helps B2B businesses and individuals improve their sales providing several services.

Topsales Amsterdam provides B2B sales strategy services, coaching and training. Click here to go to the website of Topsales Amsterdam and read more about how we can help your business succeed in sales. Don’t forget to contact us for a discovery call or introduction meeting. We look forward to hearing more about your B2B sales related challenge or goal!


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